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If you're looking for a communications professional with impeccable skills, remarkable intelligence, an unrivaled work ethic, a delightful and sincere personality, and integrity you can bet your paycheck on--you have found that person in Julius Karash. Hiring Julius to handle a significant media relations project was one of the best decisions I've ever made, and he's now my go-to guy when I need to outsource any PR work.

Janet Smith, APR
President, The Power of Goodwill LLC

Julius is smart, a quick study and fun to work with.  His ability to capture the highpoints of discussions and translate them into easy to understand language was very helpful to KDOT as we toured the state and talked with people about transportation needs and funding. 

Julie Lorenz
Former Director of Public Affairs
Kansas Department of Transportation

Julius is a true professional. He has an inquisitive mind and a natural curiosity that helps him get to the heart of an assignment. His writing is always on-target and his assignments always turned in on-time. He is a real joy to work with!

Sara J. Prem
Public Relations Manager
HNTB Holdings, Ltd.
Engineers Architects Planners

As an editor, I can tell you that Julius Karash knows how to find the story, drill down to the heart of the matter and communicate it with due thoroughness and flair. He also turns in clean, accurate copy on deadline. And as a former direct beat-reporting competitor of Julius, I can tell you he has an enviable knack for coaxing maximum information from sources. Why? Because he shares the source's interest and enthusiasm for the topic, plus he's one heck of a nice guy!

Rob Roberts
Reporter, Kansas City Business Journal
Former Editor, KC Business magazine

I recommend Julius if you want copy that is not only thorough and in-depth, but also puts the subject matter into perspective for readers. As his former colleague at the Kansas City Star, I can say he is easy to work with, he approaches all things diplomatically, and he is genuinely a good human being.

Noemi Herrera Rojas
Director of Communications
Medical Center of the Americas Foundation
El Paso, Texas

Julius Karash is one of the finest business writers in Kansas City. A quick study on any subject, Julius is dependable, thorough and committed to correctness.. He is also a true wordsmith who takes great pleasure in telling a story -- no matter how complicated -- in new and better ways. In the 10+ years of our professional relationship, I found it simply a joy to work with Julius because he is among the most accommodating and nicest people you will ever know.
Donna S. Vestal
Harvest Public Media
(Former Assistant Business Editor, Kansas City Star)
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